Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Suspense and a little dog, too!

72 Hours by Shannon Stacey
ISBN: 1-59998-040-1
Length: Category
Price: $4.50
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Publication Date: June 20, 2006
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Alex Rossi leads a double life, and it may cost Grace Nolan her son.
The Devlin Group: A privately-owned rogue agency unhindered by red tape and jurisdiction.
Grace Nolan walked away from the Devlin Group carrying Alex Rossi's child in her womb and his bullet in her shoulder. But a ghost from the past has kidnapped her son, Danny. The ransom—Alex Rossi. To get her son back, Grace will have to step back into the life she'd left behind and reveal her secret to Alex.
With vengeance for his mother's murder nearly at hand and a deadly substance on the loose, the last thing Alex Rossi needs is to find himself at the business end of Grace's gun. Now the clock is ticking as they race to save a child and stop a madman bent on destruction. But Alex has a secret of his own, and it may be the ultimate betrayal.
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You'll Be The Death Of Me by Stacia Wolf
ISBN: 1-59998-039-8
Length: Catagory
Price: $4.50
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Publication Date: June 20, 2006
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Meddling landladies, fashion-tortured canines, psychotic best friends - is that what it takes to bring two love-jaded people together, or will they be killed with good intentions?

Allison Leavitt is great at living in a make-believe world - she'd created one in her best-selling mystery novels, home of her fantasy man, a hard-nosed detective with a granite-encrusted heart. It's taken years for an artist to finally capture his image, the one she's lived with in her head for far too long. Imagine her shock when she discovers him standing in her living room!

When the shock fades, one question remains: now that she's found him, what is she going to do about making fantasy reality?

Displaced Los Angeles detective Jay Cantrall isn't happy with his Spokane, Washington assignment, and even more disgruntled with his whacked-out apartment house. The landlady runs around in muumuus whispering sweet nothings to her bizarre canine companion, who hates Jay but has romantic tendencies toward his leg. One tenant thinks nothing of staging mock murders, another is a man-shark, and his next-door neighbor, Allison, although incredibly delectable, seems to be incapable of little more than fish imitations.

Besides, he learned his lesson where women are concerned: nothing can bring a man's downfall faster than a woman's lies.

It seems that whenever Jay and Allison are near each other, disaster strikes. And when one of the disasters leaves Jay injured, guilt-ridden Allison decides to nurse the cranky cop back to health. But will her ministrations heal the wounds deep inside both of them, or will it end in yet another disaster?

Warning: this title contains hot, steamy sex explicitly described.
Cover art by Scott Carpenter.
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