Thursday, March 30, 2006

They're Heeeeeeeere

So, it's been an eventful evening. I had company this evening. JoJo and Wickett decided to drop by and I felt so bad, but we'd ordered food and I had to cut our visit short. But she didn't go home emplty handed, I gave her a magnet to take home with her. So, today is your last chance. If you want a magnet to hold up papers and reminders on your refrigerator, enter the contest. =)

After we ate dinner, we went to the Dairy Queen. I got a Peanut Buster Parfait. If you don't know what that is, let me explain it for you. It's a sundae, only better. On the bottom is peanuts and fudge, then icecream, then more fudge and peanuts, ice cream again and then topped with hot fudge and peanuts. It's sinfully good and fattening. It so didn't agree with me this evening. And it hit me fast. Rendered me motionless and on the couch for over an hour holding my tummy and groaning. And I only ate the first layer. Because we ate it there and I was half-frozen. i was bumming hard. So, it's in the freezer. I was so hungry for it and it felt like it was going to kill me. I do believe I'm lactose intolerant. Which is just cruel.

So, in passing through the dining room, I heard my messenger going. And there were a few people hailing me. I looked at my email and what to my wondering eyes did appear?

My edits.

This is where I need some emoticons for this blog. I need a big fat chicken doing a dance. Why? Because I have yet to open the file and peek in.

I need a pacifier. Preferably one with valium on it. This is the part where I just know when I open it, it's going to look like someone gave it a blood bath. And this is the part where I have the recurring nightmare that I'm going to choke at the proverbial bat.

Color me scared.

I'm not surprised

I'm not surprised that Lisa went home, in fact, I knew it was only a matter of time. I do believe she sealed her fate when she butchered "Because of You". Bad, bad, song choice. I admit that I didn't watch it. I was too engrossed in LOST. I'm a junkie and have been since that damned plane crashed on the island. Anyone else out there addicted to LOST? I was however horribly surprised that my Katharine was in the bottom three. And I know why. I got cocky and I didn't vote. So, it's all my fault. I won't make the same mistake twice. As for Ace, I so wasn't surprised to see him there. But not Bucky? WTH is America thinking? I totally agreed with Simon when he said you couldn't understand him. And what was with his worm dance? I'm a HUGE fan of Tim McGraw and Bucky ain't no Tim.

Haven't gotten my edits yet. Expecting them sometime today. *gulps*

Don't forget about the contest. =)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Six years of songs...

So, I was a tad bit disappointed in American Idol this evening. Sadly, I agreed with most of the judges comments, particularly Simon. So, it's going to be interesting tomorrow to see who goes home and who stays. They had six years of songs to come up with and not one of them impressed me much.

As much as I like Chris, I agree, he has yet to show me a different side of him. Lisa picked a song that was too big for her voice. Mandisa indulged. My favorite's tonight were Taylor, Katharine and Elliot. editor tells me that I'll be receiving my first round of edits. Although she tells me not to worry, I'm worried. This is the very first time for me. So, I'm a little nervous and want to get them done and turned back into her so that I can continue to work on the quarterback.

His team still needs a name, so while I may not be here for the next couple of days as I'll be working on "The Last Thing I Expected", that doesn't mean y'all still can't try to name Gabe's football team. '-)

And uh, has anyone seen the new monument to Britany Spears? *blinks*

Monday, March 27, 2006


I'm still running this contest. The deadline for entries will be this Friday, the 31st at midnight est.

Then, after that, I will pick someone to help me--probably JoJo since she lives so close to me and we'll narrow it down to the top three, if we can. The top three will all recieve a cute magnet from me and who knows, maybe some other stuff. I had magnets made up with my book cover on it and yes, JoJo, you can have one. =)

The top three will be posted in their own thread and then we'll have a vote.

The winner will recieve a $5 gift certificate to My Bookstore and More.

Below are the entries I already recieved--suggested names.

Jennybrat said...
Artic Wolves
*** Lisa T said...

Pamk said...
KimW said...
P Rascals

So, come on, join in on the fun!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can't Smile Without...them

Okay, so y'all asked for the smile...I had my 13 year old take the picture and it took him so bloody long to take it, so my smile is fading, but you can see the work I had done.


Recently, I made a spaghetti dinner for my mom's birthday and all of the family--my immediate family was there. My grandfather who is affectionately known as Pap, is very proud of me and the fact that I chose his last name as my pen name.

He'll be ninety next year, but his eighty-ninth birthday is coming up fast. Now, while I have two fathers--a prodigal sperm-donor and a deceased step-father who adopted me--my Pap is like a substitute dad only better. He had the patience and wisdom to deal with me. You see, I sometimes think that he made up for his short comings as a father with me. He can be cranky, stubborn and a real pain in the ass, but I love him and when the day comes for him to leave this earth, it's going to be a very sad time for me and not one that I look forward too. In fact, I've warned my mother that her strong daughter will not be strong, so she will have to find someone else to lean on.

So, at this dinner, we're sitting there with our bellies full, because I'm a good cook. LOL My Pap looks at me and he asks me if I remember a melody--if you can call it that. You see, my Pap is always good for a laugh or a smile. He tells jokes as old as he is, but we all smile and laugh because he's smiling and laughing.

When I couldn't recall a diddy, he looked kinda sad. "Maybe I should write these down so no one forgets them." translated to me as "so no one forgets me".

To which I replied:
Had a little monkey, sent him to the country, fed him gingerbread. Arsle, tarsle, kick him in the arse-hole, now my monkey's dead.

My little brother chimed in with:
Fuzzy-wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?

It was my mom's turn:

"She's got a pimple on her butt, she is beautiful. She's got a pimple on her butt, but she is mine!" she sang badly.

If my uncle is lurking, I can see him smiling. There are more of these. Were they the best thing to teach a child? Perhaps, not. But these are the things that I cherish. Time spent with him. Time that he took to teach us his diddies. The laughs, the smiles.

My grandma likes to bitch that my pap sits by himself and writes in his "books" all the time. That he's always written in his books. He helped me make a scrap book like his--his were filled with pictures of the Big Band era. Stories of Glenn Miller and other people I can't remember. His bedroom aways smelled of chewing tobacco, Paul Sebastian cologne and soft, flowing instruments would flow from there.

And every day when he came home from work when my mother and I moved in with my grandparents, it was always the same. I would crawl under a blanket and hide someplace. He would walk in the door and holler, "Where's my sack of potatoe's?"

His imagination is vivid. The stories he weaves and tells of days gone by are in technicolor and I never tire of hearing about them. He played Santa for his children and fell off the roof. He taught my Scottish grandmother to ride a bike in her fur coat by the ocean. But what he didn't teach her was how to stop it, so into the ocean with the fur coat she went. He's fell backwards in a rocking chair with my baby brother in one hand and a glass of buttermilk in the other and didn't spill a drop of the milk or let my brother fall. And, he's smoked sheep shit in a pipe that made everyone but him sick.

Did I get my creativity from him? I think we'd both like to think so.

Friday, March 24, 2006


If it's not a word, I apologize.

I'm feeling melancholy and all that. Can't put my finger on it. Perhaps it was the snow shower this morning. Perhaps it was the two-day headache that just won't go away.

I. Feel. Like. Shit.

It's Friday and it really feels like Monday. A bad Monday. One in which I just want to curl up in bed and stay there all day with the covers pulled up over my head.

How is everyone else's Friday going?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Force Is With Me

It was a rough night for me. The big kid complained of a headache, yet went to his room after a shower and played the PS2. So, while each and every child in this house has a flair for the dramatics, we just let him go.

He woke me up before the sun rose to tell me that he wasn't feeling well. He was, and I quote, "Too sick to be standing here right now."

"Then why are you?" I asked him annoyed. "Go back to bed."

About an hour later, the big kid and the supposed adult male argued over the child being sick. He gave the child the option to stay home. The child said no, he would go to school. They woke the little guy up who crawled into bed with me and put his icicle feet upon my person.

I walked the other two children to the bus stop, came home and there was a message on my answering machine from the big kid's school. "Your son is sick, can you please come get him?"

*bangs head*

So, I stole this from Shannon, who stole it from someone else, who stole it from....

You get the idea.

This totally puts my life into perspective. LMAO

Now, before Eileen accuses me of hitting the laughing gas again. Here is where I acquired this information from. Although, by the looks of her blog, maybe she is the one who is hitting the laughing gas. LMAO.

My past life diagnosis:

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.

I don't know how I feel about it either. I just hope I wrote in the snow somewhere.

You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Ireland around the year 850.Your profession was that of a seaman, cook or carpenter.

Yep. Chances are, I peed my name in the snow. Seamus was my name. It's all starting to come back to me. Seamus the Seaman. Your brief psychological profile in your past life:Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient books. With a magician's abilities, you could have been a servant of dark forces.


I knew I pissed someone off somewhere. I was an evil incarnate of Yoda. I pissed off the Jedi Master! It also explains my ability to magically pull money out of my butt when bills are due.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:Your task is to learn, to love and to trust the universe. You are bound to think, study, reflect, and to develop inner wisdom.

I think it was more, you were evil and you shall have to pay penance and live life as hell on earth. But, it could just be the day.

Do you remember now?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

His sky has fallen

Chicken little was eliminated from the American Idol competition this evening. Kevin Corvais is going home. I'm not surprised and after his painful performance last night, I think this was just. However, I think that Bucky should've been the one to go and I predict him going home next week. I didn't hear what theme they're doing next week. I was too busy watching LOST. We're LOST junkies in this house. The begining was a bit boring, but the end just pissed me off.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fan-i-low of Manilow

So, if you haven't seen tonight's show, don't read on.
Consider yourself warned.
So, last week, when they didn't say what the contestants were singing, I tried like hell to figure it out. I was excited to see Barry Manilow. As a young girl, my mom listened to 8 tracks of Barry Manilow. I know most of his songs by heart. I don't care that he's been in show business for as long as I've been alive, I don't care what the critics or anyone else thinks about him. I'm a "fan-i-low" ( thank you Elliot )

Okay, so they didn't sing Barry's songs. I bet Shannon is disappointed that no one belted out "Oh Mandy"

So, they sang the fifties and while I'm not a huge fan of 50's music...I think the eleven did a'ight.

These are my opinions. You can take em' or leave em. Going to try a little Ryan Seacrest.

Mandisa sang: "I Don't Hurt Anymore". She gave me chills. To quote Randy, the girl can blow. I think she kicked some serious ass tonight. Simon said she was evolving. He even called her sexy.

Bucky sang: "Oh Boy!" I think he sucked. I think he's always sucked. Bo Bice he is NOT. Bucky needs to go home to North Carolina.

Paris sang "Fever". Barry told her that she picked a song that was too old for her. Hello! Haven't the judges been telling these girls that? If she keeps this up, I think she'll be beside Lisa in the bottom three. I wasn't impressed.

Chris sang: "I Walk the Line". I will walk any line for that man. Oh.My.God. Chris does it for me because he stays true to himself and who he is, no matter what the theme is. Once again, he rocked the house.

Katharine sang: "Come Rain or Come Shine" She blew me away. I've been a huge fan of hers from the get go. There's just something about her that I love.

Taylor sang: "Not Fade Away" Barry said he was a "whiskey tenor". Taylor had fun up on that stage. He's fun to watch and you can tell that he loves what he's doing. Which makes us love him and we look forward to him every week. Ya never know what he's going to do.

Lisa sang: "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" Now, I give her credit for picking a "younger" song, but I look for her to be back in the bottom three this week. Why? I think she's lost her edge.

Kevin sang: "When I Fall In Love" Chicken Little, he is. There are a million other FUN songs that Kev could've sang. Did he have balls sitting in front of Simon and singing? Yes. Do I like Kevin? Yes. Do I think he has what it takes to be the next AI? Hell. No.

Elliot sang: "Teach Me Tonight" I think that Barry taught him a thing or two and I think he did really good. I like Elliot. He's not a pretty boy, but the more his hair grows in and the more he's on there, the more he grows on me.

Kellie sang: "Walkin' After Midnight". I really liked her this evening. Simon said she was back. He picked her as one of his top three. I think she kicked ass tonight. I know they're comparing her to Carrie Underwood, but I think she's a bit edgier. I think she's growing every week and wouldn't she be a success story for her to come from where she has to get up there?

Ace sang: "In The Still Of The Night". I look for him to be in the bottom three again. Do I think he'll go home? No. I think and hope that Bucky will go home. Ace needs to stick to George Michael type songs. That was the last thing I liked that he sang. I hated the Michael Jackson thing and hated the Stevie Wonder song. Wasn't thrilled about this one.

The orange represents who I think is going to be in the top five. I could be wrong. But that is who I think deserves to be up there. At least those were my top five this evening. Top six would include Elliot. =)

What do you think?

The short frog by Geoffrey & Heather

One day there was a green frog. The green frog was quite content to live in a princess and eat policemen.

Suddenly, there was a slimy knocking sound coming from the dragon. The frog jumped in fright. It decided to swim to the queen, and got there just in time to see a short frog standing there! The frog waved a scaly prince and the frog turned into a bumpy king. One quite unable to dive!

The frog shimmered and disappeared, leaving a few toad's in its place. The king picked up the toad's and popped one into her mouth. The gift of speech befell the king, who exclaimed, "What a hideous day! I think I shall pick firemen!"

Off went the bumpy king, slowly running and skipping, finally tripping on a warty jester and toppling headlong into a green knight. Needless to say, it succumbed to a ugly death.

The moral of this story?

If you are thinking of becoming a frog, never open a queen until you are sure there is no short frog lying in wait.

Above all, live carefully. The firemen you eat may be your last!

You can make your own here.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I need all of you to put your thinking caps back on. I held a contest much like this about a year ago on my other blog and I lost the name. I need a new name for a football team. I'm using the great city of Pittsburgh in my book because well, they tell you to write what you know. *gg*

So, for those of you who don't know what our teams are called, I'll give you a quick list so that you know I can't use these.

Football: Steelers/ college: Panthers

Hockey: Penguins

Baseball: Pirates

Trying to decide what I'll be giving away this time. I guess y'all can decide that too. My buddy JoJo called and said we could get together and concoct some items for a prize. She likes playing the role of mad scientist with scents and stuff for candles and lotions. I'll have to use that in a story some day and interview her. I think a massage therapist would make a cute romantic comedy.

But, I per usual.

So, your mission, should you accept it is to come up with a catchy name. I'll narrow it down and we'll have a vote on the names. Sound like fun?

Hope so.

Would it help if I said I needed you to do this? And, tell me what kind of 'prize' the winner should receive.

Whatcha waitin' for?

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Why is this bizarre? Because just by answering four rather simple questions, it gave me my correct birth order. AND it summed up my personality pretty damned good too.
You Are Likely a First Born
At your darkest moments, you feel guilty. At work and school, you do best when you're researching. When you love someone, you tend to agree with them often. In friendship, you are considerate and compromising. Your ideal careers are: business, research, counseling, promotion, and speaking. You will leave your mark on the world with discoveries, new information, and teaching people to dream.

I couldn't sleep, so I got back up to listen to the scanner a little longer. The police scanner that is. There are DUI checkpoints all over the place and finally we have cops back in our town instead of the State Police. They're in full force busting people for over celebrating St. Patty's Day and then stupid as they are, getting behind a wheel of a car. So far, I've heard the name of one person I know...they took his sorry ass to the police station to book. Hope the green beer was worth it. I'm not a tea totaller, but I'm not a huge fan of drinking and driving either. I'm not proud to admit in my much younger days I did it once or twice and managed to not kill anyone in the process. But, the older I get, the less tolerance I have for people my own age or older who do it. You have to grow up sometime. It's the ones who are repeat offenders that make me the angriest. I lost a really good friend to drunk driving. He crashed in South Carolina coming home from a bar. He almost killed one of his best friends too. Huh. Hadn't thought about him in awhile. That was the day I decided it wasn't worth the risk. He had a bright future ahead of him in the USAF. A real hottie. Awesome kisser and total clown. We drove up to Myrtle Beach one night on a whim to watch the sunrise on the beach. There were four of us. I have a picture of him sitting atop a Giraffe. Okay, so not a real one--a statue of a giraffe from a miniature golf course that was uh, closed. He hopped the fence because he always wanted his picture taken atop a giraffe. He was a goober and another one of those great mysteries of what could've been...

UPDATE: It's uh almost 3 am. Over the scanner, I hear: male driver with he anticipating the sun to come up in the next freaking five minutes? Guess they'll help with the glare of the red and blue lights he sees in his rearview mirrors. Nothing like calling attention to yourself.

Friday, March 17, 2006

ABC of Heather

Totally took this from Shannon.

A is for age: 35
B is for Booze of choice: Mike's Hard Lemonade or Capn' Morgan
C is for career: Writer
D is for your dog’s name: Don't own a dog right now. :(
E is for essential items you use everyday: iced tea, laptop
F is for favorite song at the moment: "What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts
G is for favorite games: Anything to do with cards
H is for hometown: Apollo, Pa
I is for instruments you play: some piano & flute
J is for jam or jelly you like: Elderberry
K is for Kids: 2 boys and a girl
L is for last kiss: a kiss on the cheek from the man a few minutes ago
M is for most admired trait: sense of humor
N is for the name of your crush: Jon Bon Jovi
O is for overnight hospital stays: 5
P is for phobias: spiders, snakes
Q is for quotes you like: "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!"
R is for biggest regret: Oy. Okay. Not telling someone something a lot sooner.
S is for sweets of your choice: Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
T is for the time you wake up: 7:30 am
U is for underwear: Hanes Her Way
V is for vegetable you love: Potato's--any way
W is for worst habit: Smoking
X is for x-rays you’ve had: Too many to count
Y is for yummy food you make: potato salad, spaghetti, cabbage rolls--just about anything I make is yummy, dammit!
Z is for zodiac sign: Cancer

Back to the living

No changes. Why? Since around, oh, ten o'clock Monday night until today, I've had a fever. A fever, chills and stuffed up nose. I had the flu and boy did I have it bad. I'm still feeling weak. But I feel a lot better than I did. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. During which, I had phone calls I let the machine get. Don't you hate it when people take the time to dial your number, but can't take the time to leave a message? I do. Especially when you wake me up. Anyhow, nothing prolific for me to say. Is there ever? haha.

Monday, March 13, 2006


I can't figure out how to fix the margins on here. So, I'm going to have to play and this blog probably won't look like this any more. /pouts. But...I may be absent from posting because I just found out that the second book in my "The Last Thing I..." series is coming out in August and I am no where near finished with the rewrites. I also need to figure out what to put on my website. I'm looking into designers. Anyhow, going to work or try to work on these rewrites this evening. The kids are going to bed, the Man will go back to work tomorrow. Life will be good. I just need to remember the name we picked as the football team in my contest I had last year on the old blog. If not, maybe I should run a new contest. Decisions, decisions.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I have been blessed. I have an awesome fiance. I have awesome children, despite what I say..*gg*. I have some of the greatest family & friends on the planet. I have an awesome book cover to go with an awesome series I've been waiting to share with the world for quite some time. I write for a brand-new, fast moving, up and coming publisher who just informed us last night that my dream is going to be a reality. "The Last Thing I Expected" comes out in e-book on May 16th "The Last Thing I Wanted" comes out in e-book August 8th Possibly, the print version of "The Last Thing I Expected" will be coming out in print the third week in August. Guess where that book is going to be? *happy dances* Walden's. Borders. Borders Express. Amazon. WALDEN'S BOOK STORE WILL HAVE MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BORDERS WILL HAVE MY BOOK! I can go to either one, probably both and take someone with me and have my picture taken with MY BOOK on their pretty shelf! I am over the fricking moon! I'm off to redo this laptop one final time. My uncle sent me a cd that we hope will work on this dinosaur. If not, I'll be latched to the desktop until my income tax return comes in. What are some of the reasons you feel blessed?

Thursday, March 09, 2006


If all goes well this afternoon when I have the stitches out, I'm going to try--attempt--to widen the settings--parameters- of this skinny blog. It needs fattened up so that I can add things to the sidebar without screwing everything up. Just not sure how it's going to all pan out.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


From Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers

Cancer: This is a great time to cuddle up to the person of your choice and make the relationship better. Signing contracts is out this month unless you cannot reasonably drag the signing out post April 1. Try to keep the discussion going about how your work can be packaged, improved, promoted. Buy time by lengthening the discourse. It's ok, this is not a speedy biz and no one will complain.

Wish I'd have read this before yesterday. Third contract went out in the mail for my Last Thing series. Oh well. I'm not worried. I am however trying to figure out a contest and promotions for the upcoming months. Winners will of course win a gift certificate to My Bookstore and More so that they can get my book in the e-book format of their choice.

My guy and I have already been cuddly.

It's been one of those kinds of days, so I'm afraid I don't have anything prolific to say. I get the stitches out tomorrow afternoon. Not sure if I'm looking forward to that or not.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I've Arrived!

Isn't it gorgeous??? UPDATE: This is what it's going to look like. Scott lengthened her hair. It's perfect and I am so excited.

Friday, March 03, 2006

It's over...well, sorta

Had to get up to get more ice and another pain killer, but all in all yesterday wasn't so bad. The waiting sucked. Thinking about it while I waited, sucked. The valium was a low dose, so I ended up taking one and a half. Next time, I'll make sure they know that 5mg isn't enough. I guess it took some of the edge off, but I wanted to be way out of it. They used a strong type of orajel and I had long Q-tips sticking out of my mouth for about ten minutes, then Dr. McDreamy came in and talked to me a for a second and started the shots. Now, I hate shots in the top of your mouth. You know the ones that feel like the needle is going to come out your nose? But these ones weren't so bad. It wasn't until he started on the roof of my mouth that it got bad. The last, I'd say three were horrid. Okay, so the last two left me in tears. A little pinch, my ass. They let me calm down, the dental assistant talking to me in a soothing voice, asking me about my kids then McDreamy came back. Told me I was doing great, that I was a real trooper and then he said, "I'm going to play around in here a little bit and see if I can't loosen these teeth." I don't know what he used. I heard some funky noises, but nothing that really made me freak out. I couldn't feel anything. I closed my eyes while he played around. I didn't fall asleep and I can't really say that I thought about much, just listened to the sucking sounds and them telling me to breathe through my nose. A couple of minutes later, he said, "Let's do it." I told some friends, the first tooth I ever had pulled a couple of years ago was murder. The guy twisted one way, twisted the other, pulled and repeated until the tooth came out. He had no regard for the tears streaming down my face at all. It was a horrible experience and one I'd braced myself for. My youngest had given me one of his Monkey beanies to take with me to hold onto. In less than the time it took the jerk who took the first tooth out, this dentist probably had the first three out. It was like they just came out. No yanking, no twisting, I felt a slight tug and heard them being dropped into the bag. The second worse part was seeing the blood, feeling it on my face and knowing he got it on my nose as he filed the bone down. Then I watched for about half a second him stitching me up. Haven't looked at my face in the mirror this morning, but as of last night, I wasn't that swollen, very little bruising and the pain is much different than what I've been dealing with for the last couple of years. Made the mistake of 'looking' at the gap and made myself sick. Won't be doing that again, not on purpose. Partial is pretty comfortable. I thought I'd hate it completely. It's slightly wonky in my mouth, so it needs adjusted. I didn't have perfectly straight teeth, but these are a little crooked looking in my mouth and the one front tooth is a hair longer than the other one, mine were even from years of grinding my teeth. And two of them were definitely fractured. I go in about five hours to see them again. The worst, I suspect is over. Thanks for your thoughts, hugs, prayers and words. I really appreciated them. xx

Thursday, March 02, 2006

America Voted

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else and talk about American Idol. I hope America voted and this evening, this is who I hope goes home. These are the bottom four in my eyes. 1. Brenna. Girlfriend needs to get over herself in a hurry. She can't sing and she's annoying as hell the way she stands there and vogue's in front of the camera. Her head is shoved so far up her ass. She needs a dose of reality and I sure as hell hope she gets it tonight. 2. Kinnick. What was she thinking? Gretchen Wilson? Yikes! 3. Gideon. I agree with Simon. Dude's smile is freaky. 4. David/Bucky--One of em needs to go home. okay, so both of em need to go. But only one can go tonight. Either one of them would make me happy. So, who do I like? Top Girls: My two favorite girls right now are Ayla & Katharine. I agree with Simon in that I think Lisa and Paris need to pick songs that are more their age. Enough with the dramatic ballads already. I think I read somewhere that Kellie Pickler's mom abandoned her when she was a little girl and her father is in jail for drug abuse. She's cute and I always like the underdog. I hope she picks more songs that are suitable to her like Bonnie Raitt's "Something To Talk About". Top Guys: My three favorite guys are: Chris --When he sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" last week, I thought I was going to...well, it isn't important--lol --Then, this week he sang "Hemmorage" and same thing happened. Dayum, he can "blow". I love Taylor Hicks. He has a total style all of his own and he sure isn't afraid to show it. I hope he goes far. I should've made it four favorite guys. Because I like Elliot. When he opened his mouth to sing, I about shit. That'll teach me for judging a book by its cover. I see his confidence coming through more and more with each compliment Simon gives him. And I'm half-rooting for Kevin. I too, would like to pinch his cheeks. Gotta give the youngin credit for standing up there and taking all that Simon has to dish. I do think that this is the year of the guy. There's only been one--Clay Aiken. I didn't care for him or Ruben. And I don't think either of them got very far. Who would you like to see go home?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So, I bought a laptop on ebay quite some time ago. Lately, the errors and crashing were too much to bear so I contacted the person I acquired it from and asked him for the system cd. I had to do this several times. Finally, I get the cd, with no product key. I use magic jelly bean, acquire the key...get everything going and the key doesn't work. My bright idea? I'll use the operating cd I have for the desktop. Uh, it doesn't work either. It's on there, but for some reason, neither is accepting the cd for my internet. I did it all manually. I'm in hell. Why? Because I can only use the desktop right now. Where is the desktop? In my daughter's messy room. Do I like the desktop? Hell no. I want my laptop back! Oh and dentist called...was supposed to go in tomorrow morning for this procedure...they bumped it until 2:30 pm est. So, I have all freaking day to think about it. Niiiice. I'd hoped to be out of it and adjusted to the pain by the time my children came home. That ain't happening either. /sighs