Monday, January 23, 2006

Dubbed by Daisy

Let me start this with saying that Daisy Dexter Dobbs is a gem. She had the exercise I told you about--well, two actually. One was on Aliases and the other was on chosing a character name. It was really interesting to see the other methods that writers use to create the names of their beloved hero's and heroines. Why or Why not they chose a pseudonym. We had to create a name using three things AND find an unusual obituary. Daisy then compiled all of these and added them to her blog post. She colored them differently AND she dubbed us. Here's what she said about me: Rae Scott: Real Name: Heather Rae Scott. Goes by Rae. She feels 'Heather' is too common and might consider a pseudonym in the future. Possible Pseudonym: Tavin. Because it's an unusual and beautiful name. 3-Word Character Name: Jetta Baxter Armstrong Interesting Tidbit: Rae's daughter goes to school with a boy named Bicardi Obit Gem: Diodato "Teddy" Adorante. Born June 1, 1930, in Guardiagrelle, Italy, he was a son of the late Donato and Ersila Adorante. He lived in Pennsylvania since arriving in the United States in 1949. Method: Looking for names in movies, books and soaps. Dubbed by Daisy: Annie Border Baxter She did this for every person who participated on her blog. You should check it out. '-) And you can tell me what you think about my name. *gg*

Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Friday!

I thought I might pay it forward a little bit by pointing you in the direction of interesting things happening out there in the cyber world. Yes, I'm procrastinating, well, not really. I'm revving my engines up so I can beat out some pages today on this rewrite of two awesome characters who found a home with Samhain. I'm trying to think of a theme to tie together these three books. Their respective titles are: Last Thing I Expected Last Thing I Wanted Last Thing I Needed Something will come to me. '-) Daisy Dexter Dobbs has a really good writing topic/exercise on her blog on naming your characters. You should go check her out. Ann Wesley Hardin talks about size mattering and has a quiz on age. Snarkywood has 18 Degrees of Madonna and it's hysterical! Jeff Gordon is on Live! today and he's so damned boring. He shouldn't quit his day job. I don't care for him as a racer either. Big Dale Jr fan here. I think JG is a cry baby. Hopping off the bunny trail--caffeine is wearing off.

Friday, January 13, 2006

We Have a WINNER!

Thank you so much for participating in my name my heroine contest. We have a winner. My heroine's name is now Callie. Thank you Tracey. Now, if you email me, I'll get that gift certificate to you right away! Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. And I'll be having more contests soon. So, keep checking back from time to time.

~*~CONTEST ~*~

I figured I'd make this bigger and not hide it in the post below. I'm having a contest. I need a name for a heroine. She's a bartender. She's tall with dark brown hair, thin build, blue eyes. She's got a tough exterior and a soft interior that rarely comes out. She needs a good man to make it come out. '-) The winner receives a $5 gift certificate to My Bookstore and More. Jo Jo suggested Rochelle or Richelle M'Lady suggested: Zarilla, Pheby,Celistia, Cordelia Robin suggested: Ramona-Jasmine-Juanita-Zondra-Mikayla-Helena-Alexis-Brooke-Krystal She is the third heroine in a trilogy of friends and her two best friends are named Grace and Tory. Winner will be posted here and will need to send me his/her email address here. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Grandma

My Grandmother lost her battle with cancer Sunday evening. My aunt found two things in her purse of significance that she thought I should know about. One was the poem I wrote when her son, my dad passed away. The other was a poem she'd found somewhere and copied. My cousin Ashley, the poet in the family is going to read that one on Wednesday. As for me, I was asked to write a poem for my grandma, that she would want me too and my mom suggested that I celebrate not mourn her. A friend sent me this quote: "Rather than mourn the absence of the flame, let us celebrate how brightly it glowed." I tried to incorporate some humor into this and perhaps you have to have been there to appreciate this, but I have to read this on Wednesday and I would appreciate feedback. ( I guess this is where I warn that all of the unneccessary comma's are for me so that when I'm standing up there trying not to cry and be nervous, that I'll remember to pause and breathe. )
Memories of the past rush through my mind, I try to recapture them, hold them close and rewind To a time and place that doesn’t hold fears When illness and sadness slowly disappears. I remember: Gin and not of the drinking sort Playing cards became a new kind of sport Crazy eights, Go fish, War and Rummy Grandma was always the first to yell rummy- dummy! She taught us to play solitaire in three different ways Then Sorry, Parcheesi and Yahtzee were the craze She taught some of us, mainly me, the ethics in losing And when we were done, she could be caught in her rocker snoozing. And although she wasn’t wealthy, she sure wasn’t poor her gifts didn’t come from riches, they came from so much more. It was her kindness, her wisdom, her style and grace That made her one of a kind, a rarity, an ace. Because she took us all in and placed us under her wing Whether you were blood or brought to her by a wedding ring It didn’t matter to her from where you came You became a part of her just the same And that part lives on in you and me If only in our memories We each have them, one of a kind She’s not someone we can leave behind. What she did and said came straight from her heart And if we hold her in ours, we’ll never be apart And as this poem draws to the end We should celebrate the life of a mother, sister, grandmother, aunt and friend. I can still hear her voice loud and clear Come on listen, I’m sure you’ll hear She’ll crook her finger right this way And tell us to wipe our tears away. She’d tell us we’d make an awful sight To, straighten up and fly right!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pinch Me

I can't believe it. Samhain has picked up "Last Thing I Wanted" the second book in a series of three. I've waited so damned long for this and it's finally happening at warp speed. Of course the doubt monkeys are eatting me alive. Samhain launches today and my baby girl turned eleven. She told me this morning that her mom selling another book was a great present. My seven year old rolled his eyes and said: "Are you going to cry, again?" "Mom did that last night," my daughter told him happily. "Glad to have missed it," the seven-year old said and proceeded to wiggle his naked behind at me. He was getting dressed for school in the living room as per the norm. He has not learned modesty and at this point, I fear he never will. The man was upset because he'll be working late, which means he claims we can't do anything special. We'll see what he does in spite of it. '-) We had number one and only daughter's birthday party last night. Happy Eleventh Birthday, Belle.
Look out world, here she comes!

Monday, January 02, 2006

It's Official!

Samhain Publishing LTD has opened its doors. Two of my dearest friends are debuting today and into tomorrow. Alexis Fleming and her "Stud Finders Incorporated". Wanted - An Orgasm... and the chance to fulfill all her sexual fantasies. Madison believes she's frigid. Her ex told her so and maybe it's true, because there's one thing she's never experienced. An orgasm! Now she wants it all. So when her mother rings Stud Finders Incorporated and hires a stud for her to practice on, why look a gift horse in the mouth? Jake's ex-lover said he was boring, both in bed and out. So when sexy Madison asks him to teach her to have an orgasm, he jumps at the chance to prove his manhood. Even if it means hiding the fact that the purpose of Stud Finders Incorporated is to find the studs behind the wallboards of a building so the owner can safely hang his paintings. WARNING: This book contains hot, explicit sex explained in contemporary graphic language. Buy it now! The second book comes to you from Shannon Stacey, entitled "Forever Again".
Fifteen years ago, Gena Taylor and Travis Ryan were forced into a marriage neither wanted, the price they paid after one night of passion. But what he believed to be a lie forced Travis to walk out of her life shortly thereafter, crushing Gena's dreams of a happily ever after with the only man she'd ever loved.Fifteen years later, Travis and Gena meet again. Only now, she owns the inn he's considering for his wedding - to another woman. And this time, she's guarding her heart carefully. She's not going to allow him to hurt her - or their daughter.

Despite their resolve to keep things impersonal, the past comes rushing back and feelings they both thought long dead rise from the ashes. But there are other lives at stake now, including that of the child Travis once thought was a lie.
And something else that's official? My bio is on the Samhain Authors page. I really, truly needed this today. My bio can be found here.
Last, but certainly not least, for those of you who have continually supported me with your prayers, thoughts and concerns about my grandmother with cancer, we got word today that her body is starting to shut down. We knew it was inevitable, we're just hoping this goes quickly and as painlessly as possible. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July and had 95% of her bowels removed in September.