Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Write What You Know

So, I was looking through my RWA handbook from Reno and this page jumped out at me. Yes, I'm procrastinating, but I was looking for things on series since I want to make this series of three friends really great. Anyhow, off the bunny trail...I stop on this page "Write What You Know" and Other Misconceptions-- Misconceptions? But I've always been told to write what you know and so far, I kind of have. Lillian Darcy did the workshop, and I, of course haven't purchased the CDROM yet. So, all I have is the notes. But, Miss Darcy has wrote nearly fifty books, so I figure she has a ton of knowledge that I don't. She says that the Corollary to "Write What You Know" is: You know way more than you think. I do? Me? She says: "If we tell ourselves, "Write what you know," we risk limiting ourselves by defining what we "know" too narrowly. How do we "know" things as writers? How do we research something new? We're not just talking facts, we're talking atmosphere and emotions. How do we broaden our definition of "research" and what does this mean in practical terms?" So, this means I need to dig a little deeper and push myself a little more. I can so do that. After all, I don't want to be writing about the same things over and over again. What reader is going to appreciate that? Which is why Dee says that I am banned from Firefighters for a while. But I know them. Inside and out. As far as researching. I've witnessed way too many writers who end up with endless amount of time, wasted on research they don't even use for their story. So, if someone comes up with the grand plan on how much is too much and how much is not enough, please let me know. Until then, I rely on my CP's to tell me, Heather, this is unbelieveable--where did you come up with that? I know we all have the imaginary license and it serves us well for the most part, but I also know there is nothing worse than reading a book or watching a movie and thinking: "Yeah, right, whatever!" I know I have a lot of growing room, but I also know that I can't stagnate myself by writing souly what I know. I want to learn and if I can entertain and teach my reader a thing or two without bogging him/her down, then dammit, I want to do that too. But at the same token, it drives me nuts when someone doesn't explain things to me enough. Leaving me feeling like I missed the boat--leaving me feeling stupid. This writing thing, isn't easy at all. I don't know who said it was. Probably some jackass who never wrote a thing in their life past high school. It's a fine balance--a dance. One flub, one wrong step and the judges see it and most of the time, they'll let you know it. I know, I got off the bunny trail again...story of my life after the midnight hour. Tomorrow, I'll think about "Write What You Love To Read" and ramble on about it. Aren't you so lucky?


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