Sunday, October 23, 2005


I've been bad. I haven't posted in here for awhile, almost a week. So, what has kept me from it? Lots. The neighbor isn't getting any better, in fact, we've turned another corner and more than likely, by the end of this week, we'll have turned the last one and my buddy will finally go home. At this point, I want it over for him and I want it to be as peaceful as possible. For those of you still following my grandma reports--she's home. Hospice is there and helping and she seems great for an 88 year old woman with ovarian cancer, a catheter and a colostomy. We had a very nice visit the other day and she made me promise that if she ever starts to loose her ability to think straight and she gets mean, that I will not subect myself to that. She told me that she knows this is going to get bad and that if I can't handle it, she won't be mad at me. Of course, I should've been sobbing when she told me this, but I didn't. I think I surprised her, because I am, sadly, a cryer. And just for her, I laid down my feelings for my one cousin. No, I still don't like her or respect her for a lot of the things that she is doing. But I will continue to keep the peace for my g'ma. When she's gone, all bets are off. On the writing front, I'm taking the plunge and participating in Nano. What is that, you ask? It's short for: National Novel Writing Month. I pledged to write 50k in November and I was having a hard time deciding which story that I wanted to write. The firefighter is calling to me. Perhaps I need to get some feelings that I'm holding in on paper. Perhaps I need to push myself to see if I can actually do this. I don't know why this one is calling out to me more, but it is. And in talking to Danica last night, we both decided that it was time to as my g'ma always says: "Shit or get off the pot." This is where I admit that I don't do great with challenges such as book in a week or book in a month. However, starting Nov 1st when this kicks off I am going to write. I don't care how shitty it is, I will reach 50k if it kills me and it just might. If you don't want to join Nano, my wonderful host partner Tanya is starting one on the eharlequin board called The Write Stuff. I just may do both--okay, so post in both. I'm not that ambitious that I think for one moment that I can uh, write 100k in a month. Off to bed. Been a rather long day. Stressful, which is why I seem to be still awake, but as I type this, my eyes seems to be getting heavier and heavier. But, I do want to challenge all of you writers out there to do Nano or the one on eHarlequin. I could use all the peers and cheerleaders on this that I can get. So, ask yourself this. Are you ready to shit or get off the pot? Look out shitty first draft, here you come!


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